Signature Treatments

Signature Treatments

Handmade therapies designed with massage therapy as the focus, performed in a specific sequence.


Warm and succulent from the sea to detox and cleanse with nourishing oils, mind, and a green tea infusion. Seaweed and highly mineralized Dead Sea Salts stimulate and invigorate tired, sore, and worn-out bodies.

120 minutes$165


Massage integration with the most nourishing minerals and purest essential oils on earth. Truly a haven for encouraging personal healing and relaxation from the outside in.

120 minutes$160


Wrap, detox, hydrade, massage. Detoxifying mineral infusion.

120 minutes$160


Inspired by the massage client who needs more. Some of us are so busy concentrating on our lives, work, and family that we forget about ourselves. So then comes Sadana, the massage treatment that helps one to settle down and remain. Warm, highly antioxidant, and hydrating muds incorporate with the hot stones and much much more.

120 minutes$170