Women's Facial Waxing

Women's Facial Waxing

Waxing for face and body. Threading for facial hair.


Going with your natural shape we contour your brows to frame your face. No over waxing here.

10 minutes$12

Facial Lip Waxing (upper)

Full upper lip, up to the nose

10 minutes$10

Facial Lip Waxing (lower)

Just underneath the lower lip.


Facial Chin Waxing

The entire chin area.

10 minutes$10

Facial Lip and Chin Waxing (upper Lip)

Entire upper lip and chin areas


Facial Cheek Waxing

Cheek area


Facial Jaw Waxing

Jaw area - Between chin and ears.


Facial Sideburn Waxing

Along the sides of the face


Forehead Waxing

Forehead into temple area.


Facial Nostril Waxing

Nostril area


Ear Waxing

Ear area