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Ancient Healing Arts



Shiatsu is an extremely accessible form of massage 

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor with the therapist kneeling beside you. The massage begins slowly with the therapist energetically connecting with the client’s hara (the energetic center of the body located in the abdominal area). Deep breathing and focus during this process allows the therapist to get in sync with the client’s chi/ki. At this stage, the therapist can assess which meridians seem off balance based on the energy distribution in the hara and by connecting with your energy. From there, the massage therapist will slowly treat the meridians that need attention. The client can expect thumbing, palming, gentle rocking and shaking to disperse chi/ki, and the application of passive stretches specific to the meridians being treated during their massage. The client can also expect face, neck, and scalp work as part of their Shiatsu massage experience. The session ends with the therapist returning to the starting position and methodically disconnecting from the client’s hara.

What to expect:

  • Client stays dressed in comfortable, loose clothing

  • Pressure is applied with thumbs, palms, fingers along meridian lines

  • Like acupuncture without needles

  • Good for beginners who find Swedish Massage therapy intimidating but want to get more comfortable with touch therapy

  • Safe for pregnancy- specific points are avoided related to pregnancy

  • Slow & rhythmic


Recipients of shiatsu massage have reported feeling:

  • A state of extreme relaxation 

  • Increase in positive mood

  • Slight disorientation

  • Entering a meditative or trance-like state

  • Seeing visual imagery or colors

  • Synesthesia 

  • A sedative effect

  • Clarity in thinking

  • Improved quality in sleep

  • Reinforced immune system


May be beneficial for:

Digestive disorders, headaches, joint pain, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, fibromyalgia


The goal of shiatsu is to improve the flow of energy throughout the client’s body. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork rooted in Ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine. The techniques and principles are thousands of years old. The word “Shiatsu” translates to “finger pressure”, which is performed primarily using the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply pressure to specific points on the body with the goal of correcting internal imbalances and maintaining health. By manipulating the energy flow of these points, we affect the meridians/energetic channels throughout the body. These channels impact corresponding organ systems within the body. Energetic imbalances can create physical and emotional symptoms which Shiatsu aims to rebalance.




3 meridians- 30 min $45


6 meridians- 60 min $75


9 meridians- 90 min $105


12 meridians-120 min $150


*Some clients find it comforting to experience aromatherapy during this massage if they are extremely sensitive to energetic changes.


**BOOKING NOTE: Aromatherapy add on for massage

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