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Bathtub and Candle


Therapeutic BathingTreatments


Our Japanese style soaking tub with our signature organic soothing mineral soaks are an unforgettable experience!


These therapeutic soaks can be added to any session to enhance your treatment.


Our Japanese style soaking tub helps with purification of both mind and body as well as immensely helping with stress relief.


Made with a deeper construction and square style; this allows you to remain in an upright position,

floating, back straight and feet below your waist. This design takes pressure off the spine, neck and shoulders along with allowing the water to reach your chest + remain hot longer.


Soaking in a deeper tub in this way also boosts circulation, the immune system, helps reduce pain, relieves stiff muscles + tension, Improves cardiovascular performance, improves digestion and potentially can be fantastic for heart health.


A cleansing practice of a hot or cold bathing ritual is easily something we should all do more often.

Each soak is timed for an optimal time frame of at 20M - $40


We have a single soaking tub sized for 1 person at a time -  We create a special bathing experience for each guest with fresh water.

<Our bathing sessions are not appropriate for children>



Various Handmade Soak options

Image by Benjamín Gremler

Remineralising Soak

Our remineralising blend is a carefully crafted fusion of high quality mineral salts of the earth. Rich in trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, Bromide, sulfer, oxygen, and many more.

This mineral-arnica fusion reduces arthritis pain, relieves aches, pains, stiff muscles, overall tension, swelling + helps reduce lactic acid build-up.

Can relieve skin issues like acne + eczema. 


Helps regulate epidermal moisture levels, promotes healing and draws out toxins.

Aromatherapy will be acclimated for you.

Image by Mishaal Zahed مشعل زاهد

Healing Mud Bath

Bathing in Black Mud is revered around the world for the therapeutic properties.

Our nutrient-rich black mud is crafted by nature from the gradual ripening of herbs, flowers and other plant matter over five to ten thousand years. 

An organic blend of mud + sea brine blend infused with broad spectrum clinical hemp, not only detoxifies, balances, deeply cleanses + purifies the skin it also can reduce dryness, inflamation and environmental stress, leading to a potential reduction in acne, cleanse impurities, and improve skin elasticity

Image by Josh Boaz

Detoxifying Clay Soak

A Detox bath is an extraordinary way to draw toxins from the skin.


Our balancing blend alkalinises + relaxes the tissue allowing the clays to cleanse and support the system better during the drawing process. 

Aromatherapy will be acclimated for you if appropriate.

Bath Salts and Soap

Moisturizing Milk Bath

A decadent bath soak inspired by tropical lands with warm sandy beaches.


Romantic and alluring drawing from water and fire elements.


The calming aroma relaxes the mind while the coconut blend restores critical moisture for super soft and supple skin.

Image by Paul Okrema

Oat Soak

A unique aromatic blend inspired by dark winter forests. Bright green ferns tucked away on moss-covered branches of large maples. Lush cedars that dance wildly in stormy weather. Miles of towering evergreens covered in snow.

The complex scent profile invites you to journey beyond the unconscious, outside yourself, into realms of mystery. Relishing in the quietest of days before the excitement of the first signs of spring.

The initial notes are bright evergreens that are supported by subtle herbaceous undertones and a soul-centering earthy base of new wood growth and crushed green leaves.

As a bath, it not only transports your spirit for a bit of reprise from your day, the oat milk and golden jojoba oil deeply soothe and moisturize dry skin.

Image by Aaron Burden

Cold Plunge

It is believed  that cold-water immersion may have a positive effect on stress management, help reduce exercise-induced muscle damage + inflammation leading to less soreness, restoring and increasing performance as well as feelings of well-being.

Our sea-based therapeutic blend includes anti-inflammatory oils, and herbs. 

*Not appropriate for those with heart conditions*


Blue Chamomile Lagoon Soak

This blend is gentle and comforting to support healing of mind + body connections.


Offering possible assistance in relief of Nervous system dis-regulations, wounds, digestive disorders, swelling, anxiety, pain and offering potential sleep benefits. 

Containing elements to guide one to overcome limited expression and spiritual beauty, as well as exfoliating milk, infused with warming herbs, papaya, chamaomile and cedarwood.

Image by Mae Mu

Honey Rhassoul Bathing Oil

Our unique honey-Rhassoul Bathing oil is spectacular!


Raw honey is full of enzymes, a natural exfoliant, kills bacteria and hydrates like no other, our Rahssoul-honey blend is one of a kind!

Known as one of the most amazing products of the earth, Rhassoul Clay is the result of a natural geothermal process and volcanic activity. Containing an incredible quantity of minerals with strong absorption  properties - very negatively charged, making it a magnet for free radicals and impurities.  

Image by Brian Patrick Tagalog

Black Lava Salt Bath

Our detoxing black salt - activated charcoal infusion is given to rid the body of dry rough skin, encouraging cell turnover and draw out impurities. 

This beautiful salt bath is fun and interactive. 

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