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The Wax Bar
at A Touch of Tranquility Spa

Epilation | Hair Removal



Waxing at A Touch of Tranquility Spa

you can always expect total professionalism

Complete discretion

Unyielding, definitive cleanliness for all waxing services 

Including our self-taught Brazilian waxing techniques.

You are invited to feel at home

Everyone is welcome here.

We are a body positive wellness Spa and we offer an all gender, all body-type waxing experience


Feel free

To call or text with any questions you may have.

Absolutely NO question is silly so please don't hesitate to contact

Christina  |   607.592.4847




When it comes to our products and techniques the standard is set at high. 

There is no room for compromise.

We only use the best that we can find, and if it's not up to our standard we make it ourselves. 

All of our waxes are as natural as they can be and are free of poor, low grade ingredients

and fillers like mineral oils etc. 


We have a wide variety of waxes to choose from.

Anything from 24 Karat gold wax to a full body elastic wax.

If you have an allergy just let us know, we know exactly what is inside our products and can

safely provide hair removal for you.





Epilation  |  Waxing  |  Hair  Removal  Information

Refers to waxing, tweezing, and other Body-hair maintenance services.


What To Expect During All Hair Removal Services

  • Hair must be 1/4 inch in length.

  • You'll have a full consultation with me before hair removal commences to ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for, there's no rush.

  • Ladies: try to book your appointment after your cyle as you may be more sensitive prior.

  • You may take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to hair removal appointment to help ease pain.

  • Please refrain from shaving at least 10 days before your hair removal appointment.

  • Please shower and gently exfoliate the entire bikini area - or go the whole mile and exfoliate your whole body :) - to prepare the area and ensure good hygiene before your session.

  • Avoid using any oils or lotions before your waxing service.

  • You can expect hair growth within 2-8 weeks after hair removal.

  • Waxed area can feel sore and be slightly swollen following treatment.

  • No sunbathing, saunas, steam or anything hot for 24 hours after hair removal - Can be highly irritating to fragile skin.

  • If you are taking a medication like Accutane or using Retin A or other topical products, let me know and/or consult your physician. For your safety, you may need to discontinue use of the product for a few days/weeks/months before hair removal services would be appropriate. 



At Home Maintenance

  • Regular exfoliation of the area with a body brush and moisturising well will keep the area soft and help prevent ingrown hair issues.

  • There are antibacterial and exfoliating products for at home maintenance for those who have problems with inflammations and ingrown hairs - just ask and we'll go over all your options.

  • Some women  + Men appreciate a warm epsom salt bath or topical antibiotic ointment/treatment later in the day to help sooth, heal and sanitise skin.

  • Be sure to keep up on your hair removal schedule to ensure the cleanest look and more pain-free service.



We guarantee the highest quality sanitation for all hair removal service with a strict no double-dip policy!

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