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Jaclyn Eisman


Has been practicing and studying energy healing modalities for 14 years with an emphasis on the clearing and healing of imbalances in the physical body and chakras.


Initially trained as a massage therapist at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ, she continued her energy studies at the Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing. She has studied shamanism and plant spirit medicine in Ecuador and is a Certified Herbalist.


She now has a private practice in Lodi, NY doing energy healing for clients and teaching energy and chakra workshops for beginners and more advanced students who wish to incorporate energy healing into their work around the whole area from Lodi to Trumansburg NY. 607.227.5897


Her commitment is to help people align more fully, body and soul, and manifest their true path on this planet. And it is with great honor to have Jaclyn's brilliance and aptitude for the gifts she offers in Corning ny with us!

Jaclyn is available for:

  • Energy Healing and Intuitive Reading Sessions



Working with your body and soul we can help accelerate the healing processes occurring in your life at this time.  If you have had trauma, surgery, major life changes, heartbreak, or are ready to shift old patterns, energy healing can bring you a great deal of clarity, lightness, and peace.

Energy Healing may also be very useful for releasing blocked emotions and breaking up old patterns of behavior which can create change on an emotional, spiritual, and  cellular level.  


If you have depression, anxiety, discontent, apathy, fear, jealousy, stagnation, chronic health issues, addiction, or just a sense of something missing, energy healing may be helpful, even after only one session. 


Energy healing is also useful to restore balance if you just feel off center, overwhelmed, or you wish to release anxiety.

I work with your soul, your body's innate wisdom, and spirit guides to release blockages, realign your energy, and reconnect you to yourself and your soul.


Sessions are typically 90 minutes, shorter sessions are available if you like as well.

Jaclyn Eisman has been studying and practicing energy healing for 14 years. Jaclyn received a 200 hour certificate from the Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing, located in York, PA where she studied the Chakra System in great depth.  She is a Reiki Master and has studied shamanic and plant based healing in Ecuador and Peru.  Herbalism compliments her healing work, with teachers including Sevensong and Rosemary Gladstar.  She has been studying and practicing massage therapy since 2001 in PA.  She received her 750 hour certificate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and is licensed to do massage in PA. She has also been teaching courses on Chakra Healing for 6 years.

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