Body Facials

at A Touch of Tranquility 

We focus on corrective + Preventative Skin Care

by staying educated and making available to you organic + natural remedies as well as employ

medical grade + highly active skin care products,

techniques, equipment and expertise.


All of our facial offerings are a suggestion to guide you in your desired direction.

All facials are created for you individually


Request a consultation or session so we can work together to get you looking and feeling your best.

*Booking Note - These Body Facials are found under the 'Skin Care' option*

The Yoni Body Facial

Very relaxing, safe and effective treatment using specially selected products for the delicate pubic area to treat ingrown hair issues and dehydration which we see very often with our ladies during Brazilian waxing sessions. $60 In-between waxing sessions. $20 Add on accompanying a brazilian wax

The Booty Body Facial

The perfect booty - relaxing and effective buttocks treatment to address dryness, acne, blackheads, ingrown hairs, firmness or if you just want to make your hiney shiny we got you. Using steam, enzymes, extractions and hydration, all based on your skin care needs. With this choice various massage modalities and skin health boosting equipment are incorporated throughout this treatment to enhance where needed. $70

The Back Facial

Excellent, relaxing and effective back treatment to address dryness, acne, blackheads, ingrown hairs, if you need your back to be perfection for an open back dress or special occasion - a series of these customized sessions are sublime! I know what you’re wondering, yes of course it includes a massage. $100

The Underarm Facial

Often we see correctable skin care issues in the underarm area, like dead skin build up, ingrown hairs and bumpy skin, therefore I will customize a ‘facial’ for this are as well. $45

Baby Belly Facial

This belly facial is specifically designed with products that are not only safe for baby and mama, but highly advantageous to keep the skin soft and adaptable as things move and change. $75