Couples Scalp Treatments

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Couples Brahmi Hot Oil Scalp Remedy (Eucalyptus & Mint 30M) Book Now

Refreshing and uplifting as well as headache and stress relieving, stimulating and therapeutic. Helps to deeply relax the mind, ease muscle spasms, tension, soothe sinusitis, respiratory conditions, and is effective in immune system stimulation.

30 minutes $90

Couples Brahmi Hot Oil Scalp Remedy (Tranquility 30M) Book Now

Let the intoxicating scents and therapeutic effects of deeply meditative and earthy essential oils relax your mind and body, reducing pain in muscles and joints, increasing circulation and stimulating your immune system.

30 minutes $90

Couples Mini-Mint Scalp Massage Book Now

Warm and particularly luxurious little add on will no-doubt leave you drooling...Includes Peppermint and grapefruit Mango butter...

10 minutes $40