Shangri-La Packages

Shangri-La Packages Book Now

The ultimate in luxury. All of our most favored sessions combined into convenient bundles for you! If you don't see what you are looking for in a package already created here, just give us a call, we are always happy to customize any collection of treatments just for you!

1. Just Beyond the Horizon Book Now

Sample what we are all about with a 30 Minute Massage and 30 Minute Signature Brahmi Hot Oil Scalp Remedy!


3. My Utopia Book Now

Utopia can be found within this 60 Minute Massage with a luxurious 60 Minute Rejuvenating Facial.


6. This Is No Myth Book Now

Seriously real and incredible... 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage with our signature oil blend, plentifully infused with aromatherapeutic oils, and finishing with our immediate visible result Rejuvenating Facial.


4. The Lost Horizon Book Now

is in this package - 60 Minute Tranquility Massage surrounds you with the exotic scents of our Signature Tranquility blend leading you into a beautiful Rejuvenating Facial.


11. My Shangri-La Package Book Now

Every human sense is paid tribute to and nourished through this beautifully enlightening experience. Beginning with the a dry body brushing and Our exclusive Body Butter Cocoon, moving into a 90 Minute Massage, a Rejuvenating Facial and then finishing with a 50M Signature Brahmi Scalp Remedy. *You literally may need a ride home…*


2. I Can See Paradise Book Now

A perfect mid-day "please relax me" with a 30 Minute Massage and a quick pick-me-up 30 Minute Facial to follow.


5. Exquisite Bliss Book Now

A beautiful 90 Minute Massage tailored to your specific needs followed with an extra 30 Minutes of our Reflexology with our very own signature foot balm!


7. A Permanently Happy Land Book Now

Is the deeply relaxing, luxurious, and therapeutic 60 Minute Rhythmic Warm Bamboo Massage with our signature oil blend and our 30 Minute Eucalyptus Brahmi Scalp Remedy.


9. An Opulent Dream Land Book Now

A full 90 Minutes of Hot Cinnamon & Citrus infusion, Hot stone Reflexology and 30 Minute Head, Neck and Facial session… I must be dreaming….


10. Into A Mystical Harmonious Valley Book Now

COUPLES PACKAGE - That's right, you and your dear one (Mother/Daughter, Friends, Partners, etc.) Get a harmonious package just for you! 60 Minute Tranquility massages, with Mini-Mint scalp massage along with our awesome 50 Minute Foot Treatments!


8. The Elixir Of Life Book Now

Now we’re getting there… With our exclusive Coconut Avocado Exfoliating Wrap, 90 minutes of pure you time Rejuvenating Facial, ending with our 30 Minute Signature Brahmi Scalp Remedy.