A Touch of Tranquility Bodywork is always individualized per session with a blend of techniques, based on how you are feeling that particular day. Therefore we don’t charge differently per modality, be it Rejuvenation, Relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point, connective tissue, neuromuscular, myofacial, swedish, Sports, Injury recovery or an ongoing pain management Therapy. Our focus is to help you feel your best by being attentive to your particular needs and cultivating a safe, effective, healing, relaxing and professional-result-oriented massage just for you.

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All of our bodywork/Massage is completely customized - We will design the perfect pain reducing treatment utilizing various massage modalities for your specific needs. In most cases a series of sessions may be necessary to find relief within your body. As always, please let us know if there is anything you know works well for you.

Massage and Pregnancy Book Now

Prenatal massage is simply massage given to an expecting mother with a few changes made in positioning as her body changes. Prenatal massage also requires knowledge of a pregnant woman's anatomy as her body shifts throughout her pregnancy.