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Continuous aspirations to heal and better ourselves…

It is a priority for our team of NYS professionally licensed massage therapists to create an experience you will never forget.

Duo's, Couples + Partnership sessions

at A Touch of Tranquility Spa

Massages for Couples

Sessions for couples, partnerships, siblings, parent child, Etc. Massage Session for 2 guests simultaneously in the same room. 60 minutes $260 75 minutes $280 90 minutes $330

Couples Aromatherapy Massage

Par excellence of the massages we offer. Truly one of the finest Couples Spa Massage treatments available. Utilizing our custom massage philosophy with the grandeur of the spa world. Enjoy with your partner warmed hand-blended aromatherapeutic oils infused into a relaxing therapeutic and customized massage to Ease muscle aches and pains, reduce anxiety, heal and purify the body and more. Choose from our exclusive selected blends or we can customize a mixture just for you! Choose from: Rose Nurturing Oil, Blackthorn Tonifying, Birch Arnica (Sore muscles), Lemon Lavender, Hot Cinnamon & Citrus, or we can customize one for you that day! 90 minutes $350 75 minutes $290 60 minutes $270

Couples Rani Scalp + Hair Nectar

Couples Warmed Scalp + Hair Nectar Refreshing and uplifting as well as headache and stress relieving, stimulating and therapeutic. Hydrating to the hair and scalp. Helps to deeply relax the mind, ease muscle spasms, tension, soothe sinusitis, respiratory conditions, and is effective in immune system stimulation. 30 minutes $90

Couples Mini-Mint Scalp Massage

Couples Mini-Mint Scalp Massage Warm and particularly luxurious little add on will no-doubt leave you drooling...Includes Peppermint and grapefruit Mango butter... Not available as stand alone session Add on pricing - 10 minutes $40

Couples Foot Therapy Treatment

Couples Foot Therapy Treatment This treatment begins with a refreshing and softening hot herbal towel soak and exfoliation. Reflexology pepares you for our signature sole softening Foot and leg Balm and massage. Not available as stand alone session Add on pricing - 50 minutes $130