Skin Care at A Touch of Tranquility 

We focus on corrective + Preventative Skin Care

by staying educated and making available to you organic + natural remedies as well as employ

medical grade + highly active skin care products,

techniques, equipment and expertise.


All of our facial offerings are a suggestion to guide you in your desired direction.

All facials are created for you individually


Request a consultation or session so we can work together to get you looking and feeling your best.

Advanced Skin Care 

Trademark Glowing Facial

With this signature facial, it is unlikely that you will ever have another that parallels it. With over 19 years of research, experience, practice and technology advancements this unique skin care treatment will be designed solely for you on the spot to directly impact any skin care concern you have. The focus will be on paramount immediate results using highly active pharmaceutical grade skin care products, in combination with expert applications. Impressive visible results will continue to unfold over time. 90 Minutes $175 *Often times a series package of treatments are suggested for greater results **Oxygeneo add on


True natural oxygenation provides nourishment, hydration, and oxygenation to your skin - guaranteed to look younger and plumper after one treatment! ​ And guess what? Perfect for ALL skin types - no irritation involved! This amazing new treatment has been scientifically PROVEN to be better than microdermabrasion! The OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper most layer of skin to remove dead skin cells, smooth and renew the skin, and prep it to receive nutrients. Deeply cleansing the skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients. ​ Treatment produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin's surface, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, which increases capillary flow & skin metabolism. The final step of oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients. ​ Treatment Choices: Revive for rejuvenation and anti-aging Illuminate for skin brightening and texture improvement. Balance Charcoal for Purification of the pores, balancing oilyness, and treats acne-prone skin. 60 minutes $250

La Boca Facial + Gua Sha w/ Christina

This very special facial treatment utilises a deep massage of the facial muscles resulting in a natural form of 'facelift' and lymphatic drainage that has some pretty dramatic immediately visible results! ​Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that includes the use of a small jade board to gently massage. By restoring inner mobility, the skin is able to naturally clear deleterious obstructions that lead to acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles and sensitivities. Igniting this natural healing power - the skin flourishes, develops a fresh healthy glow that radiates from within and results in long-term benefits. We begin with a thorough consult, thereafter I will design the facial treatment for you that best fits your needs. I focus on the muscles both inside and outside of the mouth and jaw as well as massage for your head, neck and full face. * Add on cryogenic treatment 90 minutes $200


Marine firming treatment with an ultra-firming effect, microexfoliation and microcurrent technologies. A powerful moisturizing treatment that helps the skin retain 97% more moisture than hyaluronic acid alone, activating 14 genes which are responsible for skin firmness, cell detoxifcation, + reversing cellular damage. Deep firming effects which restore lost volume. Testing results have shown: Visibly rejuvenated skin even after 15 days 85% more toned 90% firmer 70% more hydrated skin. 60 Minutes $140

Infinite Elixer

Innovative Youth Activator Defiy the laws of time with this revolutionary new concept that helps to reduce the signs of aging in a holistic way with extraordinary results. An Innovative range of nurturing holistic ingredients and futuristic technology promise sensations that will transport you to another reality. Microcurrent coupled with our bioactive vitamin dermis-infusion, and collagen stimulating CELLUMA LED light for youthful skin with an intense feeling of well-being. Make your skin glow with youthfulness. 60 Minutes $150


For mature skin. A very unique restorative effect on mature skin types as it mimics a botox like reaction (without being invasive) utilizing the growingly popular Argireline to retract and firm skin! Improves the visible signs of aging and general state of the skin. Results after 28 days showed marked improvement of the visible signs of aging. 60 Minutes $165

Ice Empress

Our Cryotherapy Facial is unique and designed complelety here at a Touch of Tranquility. We LOVE some ice therapy! Aside from helping to smooth out the skin giving it that glossier look, Ice therapy also soothes inflamed acne, contours your facial structure, calms under eye puffiness and gives you a boost for that so sought after healthy glow. Cryotherapy can also: Ease pain by temporarily reducing nerve activity Lessen swelling by reducing blood flow Speed up functional recovery by promoting soft tissue healing Eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes Reduce oiliness Ease acne Soothe sunburn Reduce swelling and inflammations Reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles Boost the skin’s healthy glow 60 Minutes $100

Bliss Facial

Our Bliss Facial treatment is to be transformed. The treatment begins with deep relaxation: A warm rose flower + sage foot bath and gentle stretching movements for the neck, arms and hands. Eucalyptus-infused compresses introduce you to a medical grade holistic facial that includes Oxygen Treatment, Vitamin infusion, two mask treatments to nourish, nurture and renew. During your Bliss Facial you will also receive Mini-facials on your hands and feet followed by reflexology. The result is quite a remarkable experience, feelings of lightness and inner balance as well as butter soft skin. This is an ideal treatment if you are seeking true deep relaxation and visible transformation. Skin Condition: For all skin conditions. 2 hours $500.00