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Taking care, one Massage at a time.

Diligence to detail. Years of experience. Fine tuned expertise.

Continuous aspirations to heal and better ourselves…

 Our signature herbal hair + scalp treatments are a blend of organic oil designed, infused and mixed by us.


Each oil, ingredient and technique are chosen for a specific propriety 

to help with dryness, irritation, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, etc.

We are the only spa who offers these specialized and very characteristic treatment protocols.

They are all significantly nourishing, readily absorbable and are hydrating to the skin, scalp and hair.

It is best to go home and relax

You'll want to leave this oil on as long as possible.

We do not recommend an evening out on on the town after a luxurious treat like this

More like a night in self-care style.


Hair + Scalp Treatments at A Touch of Tranquility Spa

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