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Sauna | Heat Therapy

Turquoise Stone


Our Salt Cave sauna is truly incredible as it is antibacterial hand-harvested Canadian White Cedar and includes LED chromotherapy, a Bluetooth symphony sound system, and full-spectrum heat including near-mid and far-infrared (NIR, MIR, FIR).

Our sauna also comes complete with Himalayan salt that does help create negative ions; negative ions help one breathe deeper and relax for a deeper healing environment.


Studies show that one’s immune system can be remarkably boosted by regular sauna use, not to mention the obvious benefits of removing toxins from your system.


Benefits of a next-generation full-spectrum infrared heat also include:

Detox, stress relief, relaxation, aids in weight management, and muscle recovery, plus the benefits of a salt cave increasing oxygen intake.

Red Light Therapy

Some of the most popular uses of red light therapy is for inflammation reduction, skin conditions and pain management.


This treatment has an amazing list of benefits that are not exhausted here.


Red Light Therapy can be helpful with: Collagen Production, Acne bacteria, Redness, Hair loss, Migraines and other types of headaches, Pain relief, sports performance + injury recovery, wound healing and Could be helpful with cancer treatment side effects.


Some studies show RLT can be helpful with Brain health, psoriasis and other autoimmune skin conditions but studies so far are limited. Though, we do know epidermal inflammation + deeper tissues can experience a reduction of pain and inflammation.


Our Red Light Therapy Light is the highest powered device we could find! Therefore when first beginning 10m sessions are the maximum until more regular use is experienced.


Turquoise Stone

Swiss Shower

Our Swiss Shower has 5 shower heads.


1 Shower coming from above and 4 more specifically located for body massage.


With high pressure and warmed hydrotherapy to deeply massage and relax your muscles.

Rain Shower

The Hydrotherapy benfits od a Rainshower head is that the full coverage keeps your whole body warm at once and creates more steam.


The steam from a hot shower opens up your pores, allowing your skin to detox and is deeply relaxing.

Soaking Tub

Our Japanese style soaking tub with an our signature organic soothing mineral soaks are an unforgettable experience!


Our Japanese style soaking tub helps with purification of both mind and body as well as immensely helps with stress relief.


Made with a deeper construction and square style; this allows you to remain in an upright position, back straight and feet below your waist. This design takes pressure off the spine, neck and shoulders along with allowing the water to reach your chest + remain hot longer.


A cleansing practice of a hot or cold bathing ritual is easily something we should all do more often.

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