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H. The Elixir Of Life


By Far the Best Massage I Have Ever Had!

The ' Elixir of Life ' is a MUST! Treated myself to this last night and I feel like a new person. Scheduled my next one before I left.

Carol Ann 03/14/2014

Customized Massage


Awesome experience

Never had a bad experience. Jill is awesome. I always leave feeling relaxed. Reasonable prices and great customer service.

Jessica H 09/30/2015


My back and neck and head the best results i could get i sleep in a chair due to the pain in my neck and back after christine got done i could move and breathe easier and no longer have the nerve jumping in my hand from the compression in my neck thank you so much you are the best.

Brenda VanPelt 09/23/2015


I absolutely love going to A Touch of Tranquility! Everyone is so nice and knows exactly what they are doing. I love being able to go get a great massage, and actually feel relaxed coming out. I would never go anywhere else but here!

K.S. 09/17/2015

Christina is Truely Amazing

As usual an absolutely wonderful massage with Christina. She's the best! Once I started to going to Christina I stopped going to chiropractor. Your the best! Thank you!

C.H. 06/17/2014

Highly recommend for chronic pain!

I have been receiving massage here for chronic pain for several years now--and would highly recommend it to anyone needing either pain relief or just a relaxing escape. Christina has been my primary therapist, but I have also received massage from Kim. Christina has perfected the art of relieving painfully tight muscles without causing more pain in the process. Kim is extremely strong, and able to deliver strong pressure where needed and more delicate pressure to the more tender areas.

Kim M 07/01/2015

Just what my body needed!

A Touch of Tranquility is highly recommended!I run, walk, swim, bike, and workout a lot. When I'm not sleeping, I'm working between a chair and keyboard. This was just what my body needed. I was so focused on nutrition and exercise I neglected the importance of giving my body true relaxation and reset. Julie Rose is fantastic! For those who work between a chair and keyboard the hand massage is a must. I've already booked another appointment.

R.C. 06/20/2015

Compassionate, expert, pleasurable relief for chronic pain

As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I could not more highly recommend Christina. She has worked hard to perfect her technique--and is able to relieve my pain while not causing me more pain in the process--something I have not found with past massage therapists. For an hour every week. I can escape to this peaceful, welcoming place and be pampered. I love it!

Kim M. 06/13/2015

Great Massage!

I had a great experience at A Touch Of Tranquility. I had a gift card for a 90 minute massage. The staff is professional and know what they're doing. The facility is clean. Over all, I had a very relaxing full body massage experience.

Jessica Bard 07/25/2015


I've been going to A Touch of Tranquility for over 4yrs and have tried many of their services. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and great with what they do. Definitely worth checking out.

Spencer T 12/01/2014


Jill does an amazing job. She can do a deep tissue massage or a relaxation massage, whatever you need. She is friendly and professional. I have recommended her to several friends and they have been pleased with her work as well. I have been going every other week for over a year now and she has really helped to decrease my lower back pain. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a great massage!

D.W. 07/21/2015

great staff in a relaxing atmosphere

The staff is friendly and attentive. I have had 2 different massage therapists who were both excellent. An hour massage is money well spent for me!

k.k. 07/20/2015


Although Julie does not normally do the sort of deep-tissue massage I prefer, she responded with strength and skill to my feedback throughout the wonderful 90-minute session. I hope to book with her again!

R.B. 07/19/2015

No more pain!

Having never had a massage I was a little reluctant about booking a visit. I didn't know if they would be able to help my chronic back pain and I didn't want to waste the money. Thankfully I didn't listen to myself and went. I've abused my poor body for years and my back has paid the price. My lower back would almost always ache and no matter what I did it would hurt. She worked her magic and it is amazing, here I sit a day later with NO pain. It was a fantastic experience!!!!!


another amazing massage

Once again Christina hit the ball out of the park, releasing muscle knots that have been there for years and creating a deep tissue relaxation that lasts for days. Just when you think she can't get any better she does.

N.T. 06/05/2015

5 stars

I am so thankful for the help and relief Jill has given me so far. Everyone there is so friendly and any and all questions you have will be answered. I'd highly recommend you to anyone. :)

Kim Benz 02/03/2015

whole body relaxation!

Decided to try a different massage therapist and was glad I did. Jill had a very gentle and relaxing touch. Christina is still the ONE! But Jill runs a close 2nd!

Lisa B 04/22/2015


Very good experience. Will be back to have more work done! Relaxed and could feel a difference that day.

molly lowery 04/13/2015

Pure Relaxation

On walking into their waiting area, I was immediately at ease. The environment is tranquil, and the staff are so enjoyable! My massage therapist's name was Julie. Julie is a bright, bubbly young woman and a credit to her profession. We discussed target areas that I felt needed to be worked on, and as the title says, pure relaxation. I absolutely will be going back in the future and would recommend Touch of Tranquility to anyone in need of pampering!

Alison Hurlbert 03/18/2015

Christina Lower

After a glorious 45 minute massage by Christina Lower, I went to bed for the first time in weeks with no chronic pain and felt better than I have in quite awhile. Christina is amazing, and I will now continue to see her on a more regular basis.

kiki pierotti 12/06/2014

close attention

The massage therapists at Touch of Tranquility are not only highly skilled, but also pay close attention to the client's needs. This is definitely not a cookie-cutter operation!

r.b. 03/16/2015


I got a deep tissue and relaxation massage. The atmosphere was relaxing in itself. I enjoyed the massage and would come again. They had amazing tea to try before or after. Loved it!!!

future customer 02/18/2015


I really enjoyed my 60 minute massage! She explained everything that she would do before the massage. She got all the knots out of my shoulders and neck and made sure that I was comfortable. I felt amazing after I left and I definitely will be going back soon! :)

L.J. 07/02/2014

thank you for making me feel so much better. I live in Boston and save my massages here in Corning

Christina was amazing! She was not afraid to get the knots out of my hips during my 1st visit. She made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. During my 2nd vist the same day that I made due to an injury in my rotacuff she ways gentle. Her soft smooth touch massaging an oversized know conflict NO pain, yet she released the tention in there. I can now move my shoulder more freely and I am a happy person. My hip will take time and perhaps another visit will fee up the stiffness in there :)

W.J. 10/12/2014

Awesome massage

Jill gives awesome massages; she has such a calming personality that she makes me feel totally relaxed; I have been getting regular massages for the past 6 months and if you are looking for an amazing massage, ask for Jill.

DIANE W 08/11/2014


Quaint little business. Relaxing atmosphere, great service, reasonable prices. Will return for another massage!

R.G. 01/18/2014

Great massage with Kim

Kim is very strong, skillful and relaxing. Felt great! If I lived in the area I would definitely return. Appreciated the accommodating Sunday hours.

V.M. 01/28/2014

Got the kinks out

Slow, powerful massage from Kim. Pleasant atmosphere and cup of tea while waiting for a friend. Thank you.

L.L. 01/31/2014

Giving Thanks

Thank you A Touch of Tranquility for a wonderful Massage and for your attention to detail and the care you provided with such compassion and skill!

April Roush-Stanley 12/03/2013

much needed massage

Found my full body massage very relaxing. Had a problem with my hip when I first when in. Had the therapist concentrate on it and have not had A PROBLEM SINCE! Thank You!!!!

Kay Marvin 12/14/2013


I was a hurting mess when I came in. My Massage was excellent..... i can't wait for my next one!!! Thank you so much!

Matthew G 12/21/2013

Great work!

This was one of the best massages I've ever received. The price was very reasonable too. I will be recommending A Touch of Tranquility to all of my friends.

Matthew Parsons 12/24/2013

With Gratitude!!

My therapist worked on my severe neck/back problem. I was impressed with her work on the base of my skull and neck. Looking forward to our next appointment.

G.L. 01/04/2014

Excellent care

With each and every session my lower back pain becomes more of a stranger. This is the first time in more than 25 years that I have been able to go to the gym and truly enjoy exercising,

G.F. 03/22/2013


I went in for a 1 hour massage because I was stiff in my back and neck. My back feels great and so relaxed. My neck feels so much better but still has some tightness in it. She could only fit so much in in an hour. I can turn my head left to right now. I will always be a returning customer because of the way I feel when I'm being massages and also when I leave.

Wendy Johnson 04/12/2013

love It!

This place is great! I had an appointment with Christina and she was amazing! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Amanda Secondo 06/25/2013

Magic Fingers

Christina has an amazing ability to zero in on my (multiple) problem areas. Together with chiropractic treatment, these chronic issues seem to be resolving.

L.B. 08/01/2013


This was my 1st massage ever, I was so nervous. Christina put me at ease and made it an absolutely wonderful and relaxing experience. I made the mistake of not listening to her however when she told me to drink lots of water which I think caused me to have a little headache about an hour after massage. She respected that I am sensitive to smells and picked a mellow and relaxing scent for me. I AM HOOKED!

Lisa Barrett 08/05/2013

Christina is amazing!

So glad I followed my friend's advice and made an appointment with Christina. Not only has she given perhaps the best massages I've ever had, but she is simply delightful. Affordable and excellent. I, too, am hooked!

MBK 08/14/2013


When I first came to A Touch of Tranquility, I was having severe shoulder and neck pain. My Therapist knew just the right amount of pressure to apply to work the tightness out of my muscles and start me on the way to feeling better. She is highly skilled, very professional and extremely caring. Since then, I have been seeing her every week or two and couldn't be more pleased with how much better I feel.

Kim M 09/13/2013

The best place in town

I recommend Christina and A Touch of Tranquility to everyone unreservedly. I have been coming here for nearly a year now and will continue to do so.

N.T. 09/16/2013


It amazes me how stress has affected my back, neck and shoulders. My therapist has made me very relaxed and I feel wonderful afterwards.. I wish I had time to have her work on me weekly.

C.P. 11/25/2013


Mom got me a massage because I was so stressed with college. It was amazing! I felt so good when she was finished. Can't wait for another session on my next college break!

Kaitlyn 12/02/2013

Personalized Pampering

I felt pamered from the moment I arrived with a cup of hot tea on a cold blustery day. Christina really took time to ask me questions to personalize my experience as well as my massage oil to meet my specific needs. She offered skin care suggestions without being pushy. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to return in the near future.

Bernadette 12/02/2013

Awesome as always!

It does not matter who I see you guys are all awesome. And I always feel better after my massage!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

J.B. 04/15/2012


I was involved in a car accident and was told i needed back surgery. I decided that i wss going to try other avenues before i considered surgery. I have been meeting with Christina and what a difference her massage has been for my back. I highly reccomend her I've tried other places but this is by far the best and i can see surgery!

P.F. 04/24/2012

Awesome Massage

Asked for a deep tissue massage and asked her not to hold back. She was so awesome. Got rid of a lot of the spasms in my back. My friend loved his massage too. They were both very friendly and personable. Will definitely go back!! Great Massagea!!!!!

Karen Sebastian 04/30/2012

Best massage ever had in my life

Went in for a massage and fell into a state of total relaxation, I felt I was dreaming the best dream I ever had......Thank You, I will be back again for the dream to continue

Jr 05/13/2012

Massage with Kim

This was a wonderful deep massage. Kim made the whole experience so special. She is a very skilled massage therapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Ron Schlegel 05/19/2012

Lower back pain

26 years ago I had bone grafts both sides of spine in lumbar area and fusion. Finally, I have found someone who can help relieve pain and stop the muscle spasms.

Gerald F 06/07/2012

So relaxing!

I had a great time at Touch of Tranquility yesterday. The atmoaphere is very calming the minute you walk in the door. They did a great job working out my tension and helped out a lot with my sciatica. I feel much more relaxed and limber. I will definitely be back!

Heather Slocum 06/08/2012

very nice!

I enjoyed my experience at Touch of Tranquility.....I felt like my issues were addressed and helped. Thanks!

Audrey Fuller 07/07/2012

Great results

The message therapy has relieved my lower back pain - pain that has been a problem for 26 years. Thanks.

G. F 09/09/2012

listen to your body

Went in for a massage and thought all that was bothering me was some shoulder and neck pain but the therapist discovered alot of issues all over. I felt great after. Thank you.

C.C. 10/01/2012


Every time I come here, with whatever I might have 'going on that day'; like stress, or my chronic lower back pain or when my neck got kinked; I am amazed at how well I am taken care of and my issues are addressed, each and every time, I feel so much better. That's why I have been coming here for years! Thank you!!

M. 10/09/2012


I have been in quite a bit of pain for some time now and finally decided to do something about it. Christina addressed every issue I had and I left feeling better and more mobile. It's been a long time since I've had such an effective and (at the same time) relaxing massage...I will be seeing her again to continue to improve my issues and function more completely (and with less pain) in my life! Thank you Christina!

Carri S 10/20/2012

Always Consistently Great!

I have seen a number of massage therapist over the past 20 yrs in numerous cities. When Christina first performed a massage for me in this area I knew she was the therapist I wanted to stay with. She consistently is able to get to the muscles that need help. She has helped me so much that I see her weekly and she is part of my treatment plan to stay as healthy as possible given the degenerative issues I am experiencing. Keep up good work Christina!

Linda 10/26/2012

best massage in town

I have never felt better in all my life If you have aches and pains or your body is tired go see christina at a touch of tranquility you wont be sorry.

B.V. 11/11/2012

great massages and great service

I found Christina and Touch of Tranquility through her great online ratings from other clients. She is highly skilled, compassionate, and professional, able to deal with a wide variety of issues. I have never been disappointed, and you won't be either.

N.S. 11/29/2012

my massage therapist

Christina is highly trained and skilled. I've never been disappointed with her work. She is also very out going and commited to helping those that have been lucky enough to find her!


A very relaxing beneficial massage!

This is my second session and I found it not only relaxing but helped my problem in my lower back as well. She covers all the problem areas and and asks if you are feeling okay throughout the session. She is very plesant and does a great job. I have referred her to some my of friends looking for a good place to go for their backs as well. Thanks!

B.K. 01/10/2013


As always a massage with Christina is so relaxing, really enjoy the care she takes to make me feel comfortable. Love the subdued lights and candles, the music......Would recommend this to anyone.

Sabine S 11/20/2011


As usual Christina is incredible. She really listens to what you tell her and appears to be in tune to what's going on with your body. Gives the best massages ever! She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her for a relaxing theraputic massage!

C.H. 11/28/2011


A very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, felt really good when I left and still days later. I would highly recommend Christina for anyone that needs to relieve stress or just wants to pamper themselves...

Studa 01/20/2012

Wonderful experience

My first massage and Kim was excellent at putting me at ease and the massage was one of life's most relaxing experiences. I will so do it again! Thank you.

D.B. 03/04/2012

The full body massage

This is my first full body massage and I feel so much better. After a bad fall I wend to a chriropractor and then the full body massage and I am back to normal.

Chris Allen 03/10/2012

very relaxing

I became very relaxed as she massaged me. I felt my tight muscles in my back become tense free. My neck had a lot of muscle pain and strain. I still have stiffness, but I feel better. I am looking forward to my next massage in a week.

Wendy Johnson 03/10/2012


I have had several very good massages in the past but Kim’s was one of the very best. She was able to read the stress that was manifesting itself in me and eliminate it. I woke the next morning feeling the best I have in months. This appt was a last minute request and then I asked for 30 minutes more when I arrived. Kim happily stayed even later to give me the time I needed. I look forward to the next! All I can say is a heartfelt thank-you.

H.M. 04/10/2012

Absolutely Perfection!!

As always Christina knows what my body needs more than I do! I didn't realize how over due I was for a session. I walked out of that office like jell-O! I love that I know I will always get a wonderful massage from a skillful therapist! Thank you so much!!!

J.S. 08/01/2015

Highly Recommended

Excellent massage therapy! The place is beautiful and relaxing and they make you feel so comfortable. They do an excellent job with helping to remove the knots in my back. Thank you, Touch of Tranquility!

Amanda H 08/14/2014

One of the Best Massages Ever

I am always hesitant to check out a new massage therapist. However, I was in town visiting and wanted to treat my mom to a massage. After calling around to a couple places, Christina was very friendly when I called Tranquility so I decided to book with her and her colleague. I had been traveling so I was looking for a relaxation massage, and Christina exceeded my expectations. My mom also had a great experience and said her massage therapist was so good, she fell asleep! Definitely recommend!

Andrea Ervay 07/30/2015

Best Massage EVER!

Whenever I have a good experience at a business, I love sharing it! Before my massage, I told Christina that I don't mind pressure and she delivered. I couldn't believe how much I could feel the tension being relieved just by what seems like a simple move (but hey, i'm no professional). Anyway, I made an appointment for next month because I loved it so much and have told at least 5 friends about you guys. Thanks much!

Ally Payne 04/25/2013

Massage was great!

I had my second massage last week as I was dealing with a misaligned SI joint in my lower back. It didn't respond to a chiropractic adjustment before the massage, but my therapist really loosened it up (and did her normal magic on my shoulders and neck), and now I'm good as new. Thanks!

S.B. 06/01/2014