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Soaking Tub Treatments

Sessions inspired by nature

Our Japanese style soaking tub in addition to our

signature organic nurturing elements - soothing mineral blends, muds, clays, botanicals and oil soaks

are an unforgettable experience!

Therapeutic soaks can be added to any session to enhance your treatment


What is a Japanese Style Soaking Tub?

Our Japanese style soaking tub helps with purification of both mind and body as well as measurably helping with stress relief.


Made with a deeper construction and square style; this allows you to remain in an upright position,

floating, back straight and feet below your waist. This design takes pressure off the spine, neck and shoulders along with allowing the water to reach your chest and retain hot water temperatures longer.


Soaking in a deeper tub in this way also boosts circulation, the immune system, helps reduce pain, relieves stiff muscles + tension, improves cardiovascular performance, improves digestion and studies show promising results in potentially being fantastic for heart health.


A cleansing practice of a hot or cold bathing ritual is easily something we should all do more often.

Each soak is timed for an optimal time frame of at 20M - $40


We have a single soaking tub sized for 1 person at a time -  We create a special bathing experience for each guest with fresh water.

<Our bathing sessions are not appropriate for children - 21+>

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