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A Touch Of Tranquility's body treatment sessions are unique to us.

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Body Wraps 

Production Design

Print Production Service

I ensure the files you send to press print error-free. I check for over 30 common errors that designers often miss that can cause delayed delivery or a junk product. I produce everything from simple collateral flats, magazines, books, printed merchandise, to huge billboards, building wraps, window displays, transit cards, convention booths, and more. I check for technical issues, like correct color space, ink-to-paper use, ink density, bleeds, creeps, pagination, line weights, font sizes, sizes, margins, linked assets, resolution, font use, overflow, overprints, traps/chokes, spot applications, etc. These kind of issues will cause printing to grind to a hault. I check for professional appearance issues, like internally consistent use of styles and layout, color palette and/or branding guideline compliance, spelling and word use, corresponding references in the table of contents, index, and footnotes. I check for fine detail issues, like paragraph rivers, widow/orphans, excessive or incorrect hyphenation, unbalanced tracking and kerning, et cetera. I also can develop branded templates for your designers to create as closte to print-ready files as possible without needing a production designer on staff. I work in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and InCopy.

Image Production Services

I make your good photo great, ready to use in the medium you intend. I ensure each image looks its best per your instructions using retouching, compositing and conversion techniques. I retouch images you need to correct for highlights/shadows, color/tonal balance, remove distracting elements, change colors, expand the image bounds, fill in, mask out, reconstruct, colorize, and more. Anything it takes to make a good image great. Ideal for any product, portrait, environment, real estate / architecture, food, or whatever photograph you want to best represent your message. Compositing is where I blend two or more images into one. It's the perfect way to place an object in a scene to give context that wasn't originally there, or to bedazzle a scene beyond reality. Compositing is retouching to the extreme. When an image is going to be used for print, digital, video, or web, the same image file cannot be used for all. Resolution, color space, file format, ink density (for print), all have to be changed for the target medium to ensure good results.

Video Post Production Services

I can help you produce a great video for use in broadcast television, YouTube, projection, and video walls / digital displays. Whether it's a commercial, corporate instructional video, sizzle reel, or a full episode, I take your footage and audio, and with a little magic make something worth watching. Some of the services in video production I offer include: Ingesting & Cataloging is where I go through all of the footage you provide and tag clips and correspond them to the scipt, describing their content, and ensuring you are not disctracted with unusable clips. Color Grading is where I adjust the tones of different shots to match the feel of the entire piece. Non-linear Editing is where I take the clips and arrange them in the order desired; first as a rough cut, then apply the optimal transitions (cut, disolve, wipe, or some special effect), and ensure the sound matches with proper levels. Titling, Subtitling, Lower-thirds is where I superimpose text and some treatment over the cut (above) per the script provided. This includes opening/closing credits, language translations you provide, crawls, introductions. Motion Graphics is where I animate elements not originally part of the provided footage. Audio Editing is where I can clean and enhance audio, trim music, match levels,

Digital Production Services

Web Banners Social Media & Web Assets