The Mudroom at A Touch of Tranquility 

A Touch Of Tranquility's body treatment sessions are unique to us.

These are one of a kind offerings you will only experience here.

Body Wraps 

Thermal - Cooling Seaweed Wrap

Exceptionally beneficial to detoxify by flushing the lymphatic system through cooling action and thermal generation. We re-mineralize and replenish the skin with protein-rich sea algae. Beginning with a body cleanse and exfoliation, next you will relax wrapped for 20-minutes as vitamins and minerals absorb into your skin, ending with a body massage with moisturizer. *It is suggested to add on Massage time if you would like a longer massage or specific areas worked on* l 90 minutes $130

Red Sedona Heat Wrap

Experience this warm, soothing wrap designed to help relieve the aches and pains of stressed, fatigued and tight muscles. Delivering natures richest red seaweed and golden Arizona desert mud as a mineralizing, highly antioxidant, healing and nourishing heat therapy that loosens muscles and is the ultimate relaxation. 90 minutes $130

Body Butter Cocoon

Our very own one-of-a-kind recipe Shower Body Butter is unanimously voted to be the one of the best hydrators used by those who have had the pleasure! This is truly the ultimate in healing and hydration for the skin. We begin by slathering you in our very own exclusive Body Butter with a firm and rhythmic massage that will send you into la-la land. After you're plentifully massaged you will relax in a warm cocoon for 25 minutes, and hot herbal compresses follow to remove any excess butter. We should call it a Nirvana session for your skin. One of our most Popular session offerings Great for before and after sun exposure to help heal skin 90 minutes $140