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Not sure if you would like to commit to a facial session at the spa?


Having trouble getting your skin balanced on your own?


Noticing some changes you would like to address?


We are here to help.  Allow us to offer guidance

Either in person or virtually

Consult us

30 Minute Consultation


A Touch of Tranquility's professional Consultations are available in person or virtually.


We will Assess your skin through visual + verbal communication. Educate you on what we see and suggest a regimen that fits your needs.


We can create a super-simple minimalist process all the way up to a more complex regimen. It will depend on what is actually realistic for you personally. We want you to love your skin and skin care regimen!


If you have more complex needs we will also recommend a professional in-spa skin care treatment plan to give you the best results. In the case of severe acne, deep pigmentations or corrective anti-ageing needs, it will be essential to couple professional treatments as well as in-home care protocols to bring forth the desired results and maintenance. Sometimes even dietary suggestions are necessary.


Make a note in the comments section while booking if you would like an in person or virtual consultation.

 30 min

$40.00 - $60.00

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